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Unique work of art for Auction


Harlequin Great Dane Portrait

We are auctioning this beautiful portrait in aid of NGDR.

Beautiful original artwork in soft pastel signed by artist Catherine Stables. It is unique, the only one its kind, no prints made. Mainly in pastels (with some coloured pencils and a wee bit of acrylic paint) on pastelmat.


A disabled twelve week old puppy is in our care

Ruth Searle is raising money for animals in need through the animal characters in her books. We’re looking for the ‘Face’ of the Great Dane in Ruth Searle’s thriller ‘NO PLACE TO HIDE’ her first in the series.

In partnership with charities SHUA Trust and Sanctuary – Safe Homes for Unwanted Animals and NGDR – National Great Dane Rescue – we’re running competitions to find the ‘Face’ of each animal character. In return for a donation directly to each charity, your beloved companion can become a superstar and feature in the book.

In late May, National Great Dane Rescue were contacted by Pumpkin and Friends, a charity for disabled animals, asking if we would be able to help and take on a disabled twelve week old black Great Dane puppy. The disability takes the form of loss of use of the rear and front legs and is believed to have been the result of accidentally being rolled on by the pups mum. After a transfer of ownership the puppy came into our care.

Stan has his final operation

He is so much happier and has recovered well

Stan had his final operation on 17th October 2023 to have meticulous surgery to both his eyes for Entropion, Ectropion and cherry eye.

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