Rehoming great Danes

Great Danes awaiting a new home

You will find all the Great Danes brought to us and needing a new home listed here. Before they are available for adoption they will be assessed and prepared for rehoming.

Great Danes in waiting

Two delightful Black sisters. 7 years old, in good health and not spayed.

Watch the video below.

The First Step

Great Danes in the final stages of our assessment before being available for adoption will be featured here.

Nessie and Verity are two adorable litter sisters. Both black not spayed. Their temperments are superb. They are great with people, children and all other dogs. They are 7yrs old but still full of great spirit. They love to play in the garden and enjoy having attention and cuddles.

Looking for a new home

These Great Danes have been assessed and are now ready for rehoming.
Nessie and Verity

Ready Steady Go

Nessie and Verity are the kindest, most loving ladies one would always hope to take home. In all their assessments they have passed with flying colours. Now both are ready for a new home.