Rehoming great Danes

Great Danes awaiting a new home

You will find all the Great Danes brought to us and needing a new home listed here. Before they are available for adoption they will be assessed and prepared for rehoming.

New Arrivals

Awaiting Assessment


Enjoying beach walks with his friends

Zeus is a loveable boy who enjoys plenty of cuddles and a “play around” with his toys too. He has great recall and can be let off the lead, as he likes to walk by your side. Zeus is great with other dogs and has been used to walking with different breeds from his days with his dogwalker, where he would enjoy walks on the beach, running in the sea and having a splash around!

Zeus can be unsure on first meeting strangers, so a slower approach is always best. He’s a cheeky boy and likes to pinch slippers and often food from the worktops if he has the chance!

He hasn’t met many children as he’s a covid dog, so he has missed out on early exposure to such things, so it’s always best to ease him into anything if unsure.

Zeus lived with two other small male dogs where feeding time was not handled well. Zeus is a lovely boy and will make a perfect member of the family.

First Assessment

Great Danes in the first stages of our assessment and almost ready for rehoming will be featured here.

Almost there..

Looking for a new home

Great Danes who have been assessed and are now ready for rehoming will be featured here.

Ready for a new home!

This loving boy is very ready for a new home!

Zeus is a 2 year old not neutered black male. He is a lovely boy but does suffer from anxiety. Separation anxiety. He is pretty good with other dogs and also good with children. He is in kennels at the moment. We are trying to find a home where he doesn't really have to be left a lot until he can overcome his issues.

We are looking for someone who has got the time and patience to work with him and also has experience with Great Danes. Zeus is a really loving dog and with the right person and patience he will be a lovely boy.​