Rehoming great Danes

Great Danes awaiting a new home

You will find all the Great Danes brought to us and needing a new home listed here. Before they are available for adoption they will be assessed and prepared for rehoming.

New Arrivals

Awaiting Assessment

First Assessment

Great Danes in the first stages of our assessment and almost ready for rehoming will be featured here.

Almost there..

Daner is a 10 years and 3 month old elderly lady

No drama with this sprightly lady

Daner is currently underweight but with 3 smaller meals a day, which she devours, we hope to slowly improve. However, she is a small Great Dane and her lack of size does help with her mobility and health. She enjoys 2 modest walks a day and for her age appears quite sprightly. A vet check revealed she is in reasonable health for her age and she has been wormed and nails clipped, of which there was no drama.

Diner is looking for a quiet and affectionate home

In fact Daner has a wonderful and affectionate nature and her recall is good. We suspect she has had pups in her life time and has not been spayed. Although Daner appears good with other animals and is understood to have lived with other dogs and cats, Daner is looking for a quiet and affectionate home to live out her life.

Looking for a new home

Great Danes who have been assessed and are now ready for rehoming will be featured here.

Ready for a new home!

Ready for a new home

This loving boy is very ready for a new home!

Zeus is a 2 year old not neutered black male. He is a lovely boy but does suffer from anxiety. Separation anxiety. He is pretty good with other dogs and also good with children. He is in kennels at the moment. We are trying to find a home where he doesn't really have to be left a lot until he can overcome his issues.

We are looking for someone who has got the time and patience to work with him and also has experience with Great Danes. Zeus is a really loving dog and with the right person and patience he will be a lovely boy.​

Merlin and Maisy

These gentle, friendly siblings are awaiting a new home.

Hello everyone, I would like to quickly tell you are story. Our names are Merlin and Maisy and we are brother and sister. We have both lived a great life so far. But sadly our owner passed away, which left us both having to come into rescue. We are very well behaved and love people and are looking for a new home, hopefully together. We are both 8yrs old but are still very active. Andy our rescue officer has told us we will have a home soon. I do hope so. We adore each other and very much want to stay together. Thank you, Merlin and Maisy. x

A home of their own

Callie and Calessie, have been with us for several weeks now. As much as it would be good to re-home them together, we appreciate that to take on two is quite a commitment.

With many Rescue years’ experience of splitting companions when necessary, we have found that the sole dog blossoms and develops their own character. The girls are in good health and love attention, they lived with other dogs and are not bothered with the dogs they now stay with. These beautiful girls need a home of their own.