Stan Needs our help!

Stan's eyes deteriorated fast and he needed urgent surgery.

Why the rush?

Stan came into our care as a six month old puppy. His owner couldn’t afford to keep him anymore and Stan had two medical conditions. His vet had diagnosed a liver shunt, which will involve an operation. He also has Entropion, an eye condition that can lead to blindness.
Whilst still waiting another five to six months before Stan can have surgery on his liver, his eyes have suddenly deteriorated.

Stan_Stage 1 b

Stan’s Left Eye

Stan’s Right Eye

Stan's visit to the vet

It is possible that Stan felt the irritation because he rubbed his left eye, unfortunately scratching it with his dew claw. The eye became swollen and was obviously causing him pain.
The following diagnosis from the vet explains clearly, the state of his eyes.

The referral veterinary hospital report....

On Stan’s left eye the gland of the third eyelid is prolapsed ‘Cherry eye’, and a corneal ulceration is present.

Although the right eye is not severely affected at the moment and Stan appears to be comfortable from that eye, there is pigmentation of the cornea, which is a sign of poor ocular health, and therefore correction of the right eyelids is also needed.

Urgent surgery needed

However, the left eye is the main concern here, and it will require surgical intervention urgently. We would aim to shorten Stan’s eyelids and prevent them from rolling inwards and reposition the ‘Cherry eye’. Given Stan’s liver problems, there is a slightly higher anaesthetic risk, as most anaesthetic drugs will be metabolised in the liver. If the liver function is suboptimal this will have an effect to the anaesthetic.

We would therefore perform a blood test, at additional cost, prior to the anaesthetic and we would have to carefully plan the anaesthetic protocol, consulting an anaesthesiologist. The estimated costs for bilateral Entropion surgery and left eye ‘Cherry eye’ correction and scrolled cartilage, would be around £3800 - £4500.

There would be follow-up examinations that are not included in the estimate.
Stan’s eye surgery has been brought forward because of the severity of the condition, as he grows and matures further eye surgery may be necessary.

8.30am awaiting his operation...

Chart explaining what was done

The two yellow lines are the slivers of eyelids that have been removed. The red line is where the Surgeon put a stitch in to help reduce the dip in his bottom eyelid, the diamond eye bit.

Successful operation!

Now for the long car journey home

He’s so much happier now he can see. Think he was a bit worried yesterday that we were dumping him again. Was so pleased to see me and get back in the car. He struggled to get in and waited for our help. Then went straight to sleep. He woke briefly about an hour later to make sure we were still there.

Stan couldn't wait to get out and see Ian

Then when I stopped the car and reversed up he couldn’t wait to get out to see Ian. We had to help him out as he was still drunk on the meds. Wobbled around a bit but went straight into the lounge and on the sofa to sleep again.

Home safe and sound

All snuggled up on the sofa

We had to keep his body temp up and he felt a little cool, so Ian wrapped him in a blanket

Full of beans!

This morning he is full of beans trying to hug and kiss me with his cone on and throwing Grape Ape at me.

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One happy dog this morning!

Tired now after a little tug of war game and a run around the garden. Snoring....

Post-op Update

Stan's Left Eye

Stan's Right Eye

Stan visits the vet for a checkup

After almost two weeks and a consultation with the assistant surgeon, all is progressing well and Stan can have his collar off under supervision. The left eye is still slightly swollen, this will reduce in time.

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The hood is off and he is up and running!

Stan is a much happier boy now he can see more clearly. He can now see when a ball is thrown and had great fun with the garden hose, which became shorter after he chewed it in half .

Also he can now see when a stick is thrown, and had great fun with his young companion.

The most remarkable video to watch is the fact he could see a small hover fly in the flowers.

Post op update

Though Stan’s eyes are greatly improved his left eye is still showing a ‘cherry eye’. As he is still growing, his head getting larger and his eye sockets stretching, perhaps in time all will settle into the correct position.

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