Lottie ( formerly red)

In late May, National Great Dane Rescue were contacted by Pumpkin and Friends, a charity for disabled animals, asking if we would be able to help and take on a disabled twelve week old black Great Dane puppy. After a transfer of ownership the puppy came into our care.

She is a happy dog, loving attention and play

The disability takes the form of loss of use of the rear and front legs and is believed to have been the result of accidentally being rolled on by the pups mum. Lottie does sit and move/shuffle around and occasionally will stand but rather awkwardly, and not for long. She is a happy dog, loving attention and play, including with our Great Dane Maisie who is very gentle with her. We have been in regular contact with Pumpkin and Friends, including previous vets, to gain further information.

Our vets are taking tests

Our vets have undertaken a blood test and X Rays which revealed no abnormalities.

We are now booked into see a consultant at ‘The Queen Mother Hospital for Animals’, where further specialist advice and detailed scans will be undertaken.  We are all keeping our fingers crossed that we will be able to help this most adorable Great Dane puppy.