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Membership to National Great Dane Rescue is for anyone who appreciates Great Danes; you do not need to keep one. You will receive a welcome pack and our annual exclusive glossy Magazine.

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We are always in need of funds for worthy causes. Here are some ideas for fundraising for N.G.D.R.
  • By holding a Tombola in your local Village Hall.
  • Run a Fun Run or a Marathon.
  • A Coffee and Cake Morning; perhaps include a Raffle.
  • Have a Car Boot sale.
  • Guess the Great Dane’s name.
  • Guess how much he/she weighs.
Supporting Us


You are one of our most important supporters.  We want to thank you for all the care and hope you are bringing to the many Great Danes that are needing a home to call their own.

Your donations allow us to be able to pay for Veterinary treatment so they are no longer in pain; for your support to the Committee, who tirelessly give help and advice to people who need understanding, encouragement and reassurance with their Great Danes.

The most remarkable survival story of a Rescue Great Dane. Eddie, a healthy 2½ year old boy came into our care.  He proved to be very sociable with other dogs and after a gentle introduction, enjoyed the company of people.

He was ready for his new home, but just days before he was due to leave he became very poorly.  The vet referred him to a specialist for further investigation and treatment.  He was diagnosed with Bilateral Sanguinopurulent nasal discharge, Thrombocytopenia and Petechiae.  There followed blood tests, CT scan, intravenous fluids, and antibiotics.

5 days following admission his illness developed further.  After numerous tests and  biopsies the indication was a total immune failure.

Eddie, though very poorly, was untroubled about all the testing and treatment.  He accepted the help he was receiving and was appreciative of the adulation from all the specialist vets and nurses.  He was such a wonderful character that he was not fazed by hospital life.  As treatment progressed his appetite improved and he began to put on weight.

All through the many weeks of hospitalisation, we were in constant communication, asking for reassurance that his day to day ‘quality of life’ was good.  Also, we were aware that the veterinary bill was becoming the greatest amount that NGDR had ever paid, and there was still no end in sight. With this in mind we temporarily closed our doors; fortunately no Great Danes were needing admittance.

We started a fund-raising site and subsequently contacted our Members regarding our situation and need for donations. Having come thus far with Eddie’s treatment, and noting his courage through all his suffering, how could we possibly not continue? 

 We had been fortunate the previous year, to have received a sizable bequest; we knew that this could be swallowed up with the rising costs, and we possibly had other Great Danes to consider.  But, this is the very nature of Rescue Organisations. We do our upmost for every dog that comes into our care, hoping that good fortune will follow.

In July 2017 Eddie had recovered enough to go to the home that had been waiting for him all this time.  The wonderful couple who had offered their home were thrilled, as we were too.  The veterinary staff made a jar of treats for him with messages stuck all around, and everyone came to the car to say farewell.

Eddie’s recovery was continuing, when he suffered a Stomach Torsion! Amazingly, he recovered very well; his strength of character pulled him through.

There were ups and downs, blood tests and continual medication, but on the whole he lived a normal happy life, with his doggy mate Mac. He loved trips in the camper and runs on the beach. His weight was increasing and the pills were decreasing.

Then suddenly one day he was poorly again and on examination from the vet they found that his heart rate was up and he was in pain. They tried to relieve his pain but Eddie was telling them it was time to go. Eddie had nearly two years of a happy life. 

We had a final bill (which had been reduced by half) of over £12,000. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. How would we react if a similar situation happened again? We don’t regret one penny, Eddie deserved all the help and treatment that could be offered.

We appealed to Pets at Home who have a Charitable Trust to help animals in need. They gave us a wonderful donation and together with all the fund-raising, Members and public support enabled us to open our doors again, and ‘afford’ to take dogs back into NGDR.

Thank you for your support

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By leaving a gift in your will, it is a wonderful way to let your love of Great Danes live on.

Every gift no matter how big or small, will help to pay towards veterinary treatment and provision for our Rescues. Your compassion in remembering these Great Danes in distress is hugely appreciated!